Customized Vending

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What can Venductivity do for you?

Venductivity helps companies set up, run, and maintain custom vending programs.  From vending keyboards to t-shirts, we are here to help you get started.

Services that Venductivity provides:

  • ▹ Customized Vending program start up.
  • ▹ Reporting and Inventory monitoring.
  • ▹ Product vend testing.
  • ▹ On-going support.

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Why use customized vending machines?

Tech vending machine being delivered on a pallette

Customized vending machines provide a variety of benefits:

  • ▹ 24/7 access to products.
  • ▹ Social distancing.
  • ▹ Replaces dedicated store staffing.
  • ▹ Lower distribution costs.
  • ▹ Increased productivity and employee engagement.

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What products can you vend?

Tech vending machine being refilled

Venductivity can help you customize your machine to vend a variety of products that include, but are not limited to:

  • ▹ Technology Products
    • ▸ Keyboards
    • ▸ Mice
    • ▸ Chargers
  • ▹ Office Supplies
    • ▸ Batteries
    • ▸ Pens
    • ▸ Notebooks
  • ▹ Corporate Store Items
    • ▸ T-Shirts
    • ▸ Bags
    • ▸ Other branded products

Want to discuss product mix for a custom vending machine?

  • Vending Machine in a galley
  • Vanding Machine in Galley with Counter
  • Vending Machine Checkout