Vending is not a new concept; snack and soda vending is pervasive across the world. Interest in technology and business product vending is growing and companies are quickly realizing that efficient, targeted vending  can drastically affect productivity.

Venductivity helps create and execute on vending strategies to keep people productive.

What We Offer:

Consultation and Site Assessment

  • Analyze (or help create) your vending strategy
    • Discover your customer or employee needs
    • Identify key locations for machines

Project Planning and Implementation

  • Design a machine to fit your customers’ needs
  • Technology and business accessory needs
  • Customized product needs
  • Coordinate the logistics for getting a machine built and delivered
    • We only involve you when you want or need to be involved – Low-stress / Hands-off project management on your part
    • Work with your team on machine graphics that fit into your architecture and building design
    • We provide the machine and inventory at no cost to you, all we ask for is power and space
    • Work with your facilities team to ensure that Fire Code and OSHA requirements are met

Machine Management and Maintenance

  • Manage and maintain the machines
  • We will repair or replace broken or non-functioning machines
  • We will analyze purchasing patterns of your customers and reconfigure the machines to match their needs
  • We will update the contents of the machines to keep up with the changing technology landscape
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